Science and tech. ministry abolishes rigid pay scale

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology has abolished a rigid pay scale system for entry and low-level skilled workers.

Under the system, skilled workers such as research assistants are paid according to their educational levels and seniority. There is also a minimum wage and a price ceiling too.

Until now, the system has been used by government agencies, research bodies as well as public and private academic institutions as payroll guidelines since 2005.

Minster Chen Liang-gee said on Monday that it is professionalism and meeting job requirements, rather than educational background, which should be taken into consideration.

We hope that [people] respect professional ability and offer researchers and research assistants the salary they deserve," said Chen. "One should get compensated for ability.

Starting from August 1st, Chen said institutions whose projects are funded by the ministry must follow the new rule. It is expected that nearly 10,000 young people will benefit from the policy change.

Source: Radio Taiwan International