Science and technology conference sets direction for future innovation

In remarks at today's 10th National Science and Technology Conference, Premier Lin noted that this year's conference theme, Smart, Low-carbon, Health and Sustainability echoes the government's five plus two industrial blueprint, which shows that the government and the industrial sector share the same determination and goals.

At the closing ceremony of the quadrennial conference, which sets the direction for the nation's future technological and industrial development, the premier also said that the government must continue to encourage technology and innovation to raise the nation's industrial added-value, and seize opportunities to develop the industries of the future such as e-commerce, internet finance, internet of things, smart machinery and biotechnology.

As a result of the trend towards globalization, the premier said, Taiwan's traditional industries have gradually relocated overseas, resulting in reduced employment opportunities, stagnant wages, and unequal income distribution. Taiwan's aging society and declining birth rate have also led to a manpower shortage that is hampering Taiwan's industrial development.

To address these issues the government must first promote industrial innovation and the digital economy, and then also consider sustainable development and environmental issues to develop sustainable, environment-friendly and safe technologies, said the premier, adding that Taiwan should proactively cultivate human capital to work in the digital economy and cross-disciplinary talent, and find people who can resolve industrial development issues.

The government also hopes to create a high-quality ecosystem for scientific and technological research and development (R&D), the premier said. In addition to encouraging original R&D, he expressed hope that the government can reform domestic evaluation systems, reinforce cooperation between the industrial, academic and research sectors, and create laws and environments that will spur technological innovation to turn Taiwan's R&D and creativity into actual products and technologies, which in turn will drive continuous industrial development.

Source: Executive Yuan Republic of China