Season’s first cold air mass to send mercury plunging next week: CWB

The first cold air mass this winter will approach Taiwan next Tuesday, leading to chilly weather for the following few days, the Central Weather Bureau said Saturday.

Between Wednesday and Friday, lows will dip to 13-14 degrees Celsius in northern and northeastern Taiwan, 15-16 degrees in central and eastern Taiwan, and 16-18 degrees in southern and southeastern Taiwan, according to the bureau.

Except for northern and eastern Taiwan, where showers are likely, other parts of the country will see cloudy to sunny skies during the affected period, forecasters said.

Meanwhile, Chiayi in southern Taiwan recorded a low temperature of 15.7 degrees on Saturday, a new low for flatland areas of Taiwan since the winter began.

During the day, Taiwan could see slightly warmer weather than the previous day, with highs reaching 24-26 degrees in northern Taiwan, 27-28 degrees in central and southern Taiwan, and 23-26 degrees in eastern Taiwan, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel