Seek consensus before introducing unisex toilets in schools: MOE

Schools should hold internal discussions and solicit the support of parents before introducing unisex toilets to avoid disputes, Deputy Minister of Education Lin Teng-chiao (???) said Monday.

Communication is crucial to ensure that schools provide a harmonious and friendly environment for children, Lin said.

Lin was commenting on efforts by pro-LGBT activists to promote unisex public toilets to protect the privacy of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Commenting on the matter, Chen Tieh-hu (???), chairman of the National Alliance of Presidents of Parents' Associations, said parents are concerned that the introduction of unisex toilets in schools could raise issues of safety.

In addition, some children may be too shy or unwilling to use the same toilet as the opposite sex, he said.

Chen suggested that unisex toilets should first be introduced at government agencies before being promoted in other areas.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel