SEF: It’s regrettable that China barred detainee’s wife from visiting

China has barred a Taiwanese woman from entering the country in the hopes of seeing her husband who has been detained there for three weeks. The woman -- Lee Ching-yu �- tried to fly to Beijing on Monday, but she was told at the airport that China had revoked her entry permit.

Lee's husband, NGO worker Lee Ming-che, has been detained in China since he entered Guangdong Province via Macau in mid-March.

The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) says it's regrettable that China has barred Lee Ching-yu from visiting her husband. The semi-official body which handles cross-strait exchanges for Taiwan made the statement Monday.

China has yet to give any details about Lee Ming-che's whereabouts through existing channels. The SEF called on China to clarify the situation, protect Lee's rights, respond to Taiwan's demands, and avoid hurting cross-strait ties.

Meanwhile, the detainee's wife spoke out at the airport on Monday after being denied entry. She accused China of playing a dirty trick and trying to threaten her.

If a person has freedom but no dignity, he will live like a dog. I don't want [my husband] Lee Ming-che to live like a dog," said Lee.

The SEF and several NGOs have pledged to continue offering assistance.

Source: Radio Taiwan International