Singapore company apologizes for using Taiwan flag to represent China

Singapore, Leading Singapore media group Mediacorp Pte. Ltd (Mediacorp) issued an apology to the Chinese embassy and the Taiwanese representative office in Singapore Wednesday after a travel show on one of its channels plastered a Republic of China (Taiwan) flag over China in one of its trailers.

A recent trailer for Singapore Channel 8’s travel show “My Star Guide” caught the eye of netizens because of a graphic showing the geographic outlines of China and Taiwan filled in by the Taiwanese flag.

Online discussions about the meaning of the graphic soon erupted — whether it was saying that China belongs to Taiwan or that all of China, including Taiwan, are one under the ROC. The graphic has since been taken down.

Mediacorp has issued a formal apology, telling Mothership — a Singapore online media outlet — that “this was a mistake that occurred during the production of graphics used in the trailer.”

The mistake comes at a time when Beijing is putting pressure on international companies, as well as governments, to change their designation of Taiwan from that of an independent country to a province of China.

As of press time, China had not responded to the issue, while the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore said it had received the apology.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel