Siraya Church Alliance Celebrates The 389th Anniversary of Christian Mission In Taiwan

Celebrating the 389th anniversary of the Christian mission in Taiwan, over 1,300 church members of the SirayaChurch Association assembled at Ko-pei Presbyterian Church to held a thanks-giving service and an adjunct sports competition. Seasonable local produce, like taro, coffee bean, banana, and honey, was consecrated to God within the thanks-giving service.

Sediq aborigines also send a team of representatives, performing a traditional dance in the service, expressing theirgreatest joy and sincere blessing. Except the Siraya language was used in the whole service from the start to the end, specially noteworthy was that a responsive psalm describing how God chose the Siraya people in Taiwan as the seed of gospel from the 17th century was presented.

As the identity of a people's name was closely connected to their destiny in history, Rev Lee Yu-shia proclaimed inher sermon that the Siraya people was absolutely one of the most treasured peoples in Taiwan to preach the good news for God!

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan