Snow seen on Yushan Tuesday morning

Taipei, Moisture and low temperatures brought snow to Yushan, the highest mountain in Taiwan, early Tuesday morning, according to Central Weather Bureau (CWB) data.

Snow started to fall on the 3,952-meter mountain at around 7:25 a.m. as an approaching weather front pushed the relative humidity to 90 percent while pulling down temperatures to 0.8 degrees Celsius below zero, the CWB said.

The snowfall lasted until around 9:35 a.m. with temperatures remaining just below zero during the two-hour period, the CWB said.

Because of strong winds that blew the flakes away, however, not much snow accumulated at the weather station on Yushan and no snowfall was officially recorded during the morning, the bureau said.

Yushan could still see more snow later in the day or even very early Wednesday because of the moisture still in the air, the CWB said.

No other mountains in Taiwan experienced snow on Tuesday morning because of temperatures that stayed above freezing, including a low of 4 degrees at Hehuanshan in central Taiwan, according to the bureau.

The weather front was also forecast to affect low-lying areas around Taiwan on Tuesday, with highs expected to fall about 10 degrees from Monday in northern and central Taiwan to about 20 degrees and to fall about 3-5 degrees in southern Taiwan to 25-28 degrees, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel