Solar panel fish farm to begin generating electricity in 2021

Taipei,  TCC Green Energy announced on Friday that it has commissioned Taiyen Green Energy to build an electricity generating plant that will be made up of elevated solar panels installed above a giant fish pond, with the electricity conversion plant expected to begin operating in July next year.

In a statement, Taiwan Cement Corp. (TCC) said TCC Green Energy signed a NT$1.398 billion deal with Taiyen Green Energy earlier in the day, in which Taiyen Green Energy will be responsible for the EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) project.

Under the project, construction of Taiwan’s first large fish farm/electricity symbiosis plant on top of a 60-hectare fish pond in southern Taiwan’s Chiayi County will kick off in mid-November, and the plant is slated to start operating in July 2021, TCC said.

TCC said the plant will have a maximum output of 43 megawatts and will be the first such large project to be carried out in Taiwan.

It will be able to generate an average of 54 million kwh of electricity per year to provide power for 16,000 households, the company said.

Over a period of 20 years, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that will be avoided as a result of the clean solar energy produced, will be equivalent to that absorbed by 1,550 Da’an Forest Parks in downtown Taipei, the company added.

Under the precondition that the solar photovoltaic does not change the landform, building such a facility equipped with AI technologies in a large fish pond to co-develop fisheries and electricity is in line with government policies and will create a niche for fish farming, green energy and clean environment, TCC said.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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