South Korean tourists recover smartphone with help of resident, police

Two South Korean college students who lost a smartphone during a tour of New Taipei's Tamsui District on Monday morning were able to get it back a few hours later with the help of a local resident and the police.

The two 21-year-old women, surnamed Song and Jung, lost the phone on a bus en route to Fort San Domingo, a historic brick and stone structure built by the Dutch in the 17th century.

When they realized the phone was missing, the students went to the service center at Tamsui Station on the Taipei mass rapid transit system to seek help but could not find anyone who spoke Korean.

However, as they were leaving the service center, they encountered a woman who owned a barbecue shop nearby and spoke fluent Korean.

The woman, surnamed Ma, took them to the nearest police station and helped them report the loss of the phone.

Around noon, Officer Huang Sheng-yu (???) called the bus terminal and learned that a bus driver had found the smartphone. Huang then sent three policemen to the bus terminal to retrieve the phone.

Song and Jung were happy to get back the smartphone so quickly and they thanked Ma and the policemen for their help.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel