Stamp Expo: Alishan post office stands tall

The alpine post office on Alishan (???) in Chiayi County stands at the highest elevation among all others in Taiwan and has become one of the landmarks in the world famous resort area because of its unique exterior.

Located at an altitude of 2,274 meters, the three-story and red- and-white building stands out against the vast greenery of its surroundings and easily catches the eye of the many visitors to the area.

The entrance to the post office is decorated with two murals of stamps depicting steam locomotives, which were the main form of transportation between Alishan and Chiayi in the early 1900s.

Inside the post office, the ceiling and walls are designed to depict a sea of clouds at sunrise and alpine trains, two of Alishan’s quintessential attractions.

A glass installation, which represents Alishan’s iconic Divine Tree, sits in the center of the lobby, creating myriad visual effects.

The Divine Tree, a 3,000-year-old red cypress, once stood next to the Alishan railway station but was cut down in 1998 after it was damaged by a lightning strike the previous year and the dead wood has been left in the same spot as a tourist attraction.

The Alishan mountain resort area draws millions of visitors annually from home and abroad who go to see the sunrise, cherry trees, divine trees, the sea of clouds, and the steam locomotives on the 2,500-meter tall mountain.

The alpine post office, which was relocated in 1985 to an area near the resort area’s parking lot, has been designated by Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. as one of the country’s featured post offices.

It also stands as a symbol of the government’s efforts to preserve natural resources and historical sites in the Alishan area.

The post office, built in 1907 during the Ching Dynasty, celebrated its 100th founding anniversary in 2007.

Most of the tourists to Alishan usually send postcards from the post office to their friends and families as a memento.

In 2000, thousands of people visited the Alishan post office some days to obtain its postmark for that special year.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel