Step up to the parade, thanks to the people of Chiang Mai pouring points to defeat the former champion

Chiang Mai, May 15 - "Ploy", the candidate for the 1st constituency of the Kao Klai Party, successfully defeated the former champion from Pheu Thai. Get on the parade car, thank the people of Chiang Mai, pour points for them. insist on working for the people did not disappoint Ready to join hands with Pheu Thai to solve PM 2.5 problems

After knowing the unofficial vote from the ECT that counted almost 100 percent Causing candidates for MPs from the Kao Klai Party, District 1, to score ahead of former champions like Pheu Thai Get on the parade car to thank the people who poured the votes for them. around Chiang Mai Ms. Petcharat Maichompoo or Ploy, candidate for the S. S. District 1 from the Kao Klai Party Business and civil society degrees look at COVID and forest fire extinguishing. that the latest score can knock down the old champion, Chakphon Tangsutthitham From the Pheu Thai Party successfully, with more than 10,000 points, Ploy said that after knowing that he was the candidate who won in District 1, he was happy, it was an unexpected victory. But I believe that the people poured their votes partly because of the trend of the good party. And in the past, have been in the campaign with the villagers for over a year. Today, the people have left their hopes to the party. I promise that I won't let the people who choose to be disappointed as it is worth the tax. The first thing that will be done is solving PM 2.5 problems and pushing the Clean Air Act to completion. which is ready to shake hands with former MPs Originally, the Pheu Thai Party used to do this. for the people of Chiang Mai The part that is seen as a rookie party will prove its abilities to everyone. Asking for the opportunity to advance and perform duties for the people

Thanks to the people who are ready to do their duty.

Then got on the parade To thank the villagers along the route at Warorot Market in the middle of Chiang Mai. It has been well received by the people of Chiang Mai, the vendors at the market. As for the Thanksgiving Car Parade of the MP candidates who won the elections in all 7 districts of the Kao Far Party. expected to be tomorrow .-

Source: Thai News Agency