Stinky tofu voted most popular night market food in Taipei

Taipei--Taiwan's stinky tofu has been voted the most popular food choice in night markets in the country's capital city of Taipei, according to an online survey released Saturday by the Taipei City Market Administration Office.

The survey asked people to select their 10 favorite foods sold at Taipei's night markets from a list of 33 choices, receiving 17,000 votes from Internet users.

Stinky tofu topped the list with 1,482 votes, followed by oyster omelettes with 1,279 votes and fried chicken fillet with 1,025 votes, according to the survey.

Rounding out the top 10 were popcorn chicken, bubble tea, sweet potato balls, pork ribs stewed with Chinese medicinal herbs, tofu pudding, oyster vermicelli with pig intestines, and steak.

Stinky tofu, noted for its strong odor and taste, is tofu marinated in brine made from fermented milk, vegetables and meat.

The survey was held to coincide with a night market festival that kicked off in Taipei on July 21, seeking to promote eight night markets in the capital.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council