Sunny, warm weather forecast for Sunday

Taipei, With a cold air mass beginning to weaken, Taiwan is expected to experience sunny weather during the daytime on Sunday as temperatures rise significantly, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

However, due to the effects of radiative cooling, temperatures remained low in northern Taiwan early in the morning, with the lowest temperature of 10.5 degrees Celsius in flatland areas recorded in Hsinchu, followed by 11.6 degrees in Chiayi and 11.7 degrees in Taichung, bureau data showed.

The weather around Taiwan will be largely sunny and warm during the daytime, with highs in northern and eastern Taiwan expected to hit 21-24 degrees, while highs in the central and southern regions will range between 23-26 degrees, but the mercury will remain low at night, the bureau said.

Temperatures will continue to soar Monday to Thursday, although they will remain chilly late at night and early in the morning, the bureau forecast, urging the public in western Taiwan to pay attention to sharp drops in temperatures in the early morning and at late night.

Another weather front will approach Taiwan Friday, bringing more moisture to northern and eastern parts of the island, with a chance of sporadic rain, while the other areas can expect largely cloudy to sunny weather, according the the bureau.

From March 18-20, temperatures in northern and eastern Taiwan are expected to drop slightly, the bureau forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel