Suspect behind Facebook post encouraging cyanide use identified

Taipei (CNA) The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) said Sunday that it had identified the suspect behind a Facebook post that said ingesting the highly toxic chemical cyanide could be used to protect against the novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV).

The CIB received notice a day earlier that someone in the Facebook group “Taiwan and Japan” had posted potentially harmful misinformation about the virus, and later identified the suspect as a 29 year old Taiwanese surnamed Yu (?).

In a now deleted post, the suspect wrote that “cyanide can be used to kill the novel coronavirus and prevent disease. Chinese people, take it quickly! If you do not have (cyanide) on hand, you can ground up large quantities of apple seeds into powder, and then ingest it.”

Yu, who is studying in Japan, was asked by the CIB to return to Taiwan as soon as possible and his case will be turned over to prosecutors for further investigation.

Under Taiwan’s Communicable Disease Control Act, people who disseminate rumors or incorrect information concerning communicable diseases that result in damage to the public can be fined up to NT$3 million (US$98,760).

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel