Taichung Pass once again appeals to passengers not to bring meat products and fruits to enter the country.

Taichung said that during the Spring Festival holiday period from February 2 to 10, this (108), the inspected passengers were required to carry quarantine items (pigs, ham, chicken, fruits, etc.). The line (exemption from declaration) has 67 cases of customs clearance, and it has been transferred to the Taichung Branch of the Animal and Plant Epidemic and Quarantine Bureau of the Executive Yuan Agricultural Committee (hereinafter referred to as the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine) to open a ruling. The total amount of the ruling has reached NT$ (the same below) 125 Over 10,000 yuan, of which 3 were each fined 200,000 yuan, demonstrating the government's determination to prevent the invasion of disease.

The customs further stated that meat products and fresh fruits should be quarantined, and should be applied for quarantine at the time of entry. If not, the person who carries the fruit should comply with the provisions of Article 25 of the Plant Quarantine and Quarantine Law, and pay more than 3,000 yuan. A fine of not more than 5,000 yuan; passengers carrying meat products, according to the provisions of Article 45 of the Animal Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Regulations, are fined NT$10,000 or more, especially since the country where African pigs have occurred in the past 3 years. (Region) Those who carry pork products will be fined more than 200,000 yuan, and the maximum penalty is 1 million yuan. Please do not try to test the law.

At present, the swine fever epidemic spreads in mainland China. Since the virus is currently free of vaccines and drugs for prevention and treatment, once the pig is infected, the fatality rate reaches 100%, affecting the meat industry to a huge extent. The customs said it will continue to strengthen X. The light image screening baggage, the collaborative anti-inspection bureau jointly strengthen the investigation at the airport and port entry halls to protect the production safety of the domestic livestock industry, and once again appeal to the people to travel abroad, do not bring meat products and fruits into the country, so as not to be punished by accidental punishment. Also work together to prevent the epidemic.

Source: Ministry of Finance