Taipei 101 fireworks show to feature LED display, animation

Taipei-This year's Taipei 101 New Year's Day countdown fireworks show will include an upgraded LED lighting system, featuring animation by the Taiwan Bar Studio, the building's owners said Wednesday.

In its first public statement on this year's fireworks show, Taipei Financial Center Corp. said that to enhance the show's visual impact, it has upgraded the 140,000 LED lights comprising the T-Pad wall, which covers the exterior of Taipei 101 from the 35th to the 90th floor.

The T-Pad video content, which has accompanied the firework display for the past two years, will be provided by Taiwan Bar Studio, the creators of a range of popular Taiwan-themed designs including the Formosan black bear character "Beeru," the company said.

According to Taipei 101 Chief Operating Officer Liu Chia-hao (???), the budget for the 2020 New Year's show is NT$60 million (US$1.96 million), covering both the fireworks and the T-Pad display.

For environmental reasons, fewer fireworks will be used than in previous years, though the show will feature more interaction between the fireworks and T-Pad video, presenting viewers with a different kind of visual experience, Liu said.

The overall length of the show will not be affected and will be at least five minutes.

Regarding the special countdown graphics shown on the T-Pad for the past two years, Liu said that viewers should expect something different, though he declined to reveal this year's theme.

Previous countdown graphics included the baseball player Chen Chin-feng (???) in 2018 and one celebrating different facets of the country's culture organized under the title "The Glory of Taiwan" in 2019.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel