Taipei gives breathing space to Taipei Dome contract: mayor

The Taipei city government will temporarily withhold its right to terminate its contract with Farglory Group for building the Taipei Dome, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (???) announced Thursday, one day after the company promised to meet the government's demand for improvements to the project's safety.

Taipei will monitor subsequent actions taken by Farglory, but if they fail to meet requirements, the city government will terminate the BOT (build, operate and transfer) contract, Ko said.

Farglory has completed 80 percent of the work on the sports complex, but in May 2015, Ko ordered the contractor to suspend construction due to what his city government described as critical flaws and public safety concerns, including doubts about the speed of evacuation in case of emergency.

Since then, the 40,000-seat arena and a hotel and shopping complex that form part of the project have been rusting and gathering moss, standing as a gigantic symbol of a stalemate between the government and the business just a few hundred meters from the City Hall in downtown Taipei.

The BOT contract was awarded during the term of former Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (???) and had been due initially to be completed by 2014.

On June 8, the city government told Farglory to improve the project's public safety and complete procedures to alter its construction license within three months, or face cancellation of the contract.

On the eve of the three-month deadline, Farglory submitted a letter of consent to the city government Wednesday promising to meet its requirements for license alteration and for obtaining certification on fire prevention and escape facilities from the Taiwan Architecture and Building Center.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel