Taipei Zoo recaptures escaped Patas monkey

Taipei A Patas monkey that escaped from its enclosure at Taipei Zoo was recaptured on Thursday after falling into a trap about 360 meters from its habitat, officials said.

The 8-year-old male monkey named Nan Dao was found in the trap at 8:40 a.m., probably attracted by the apples and cookies inside, with a recording of noises made by Patas monkeys played nearby, said Taipei Zoo spokesman Eric Tsao (???).

Nan Dao appears stable, although he was a bit nervous, Tsao said, adding that the monkey will receive a thorough health check next week.

Once cleared of any injuries and after completing 14-days of quarantine, Nan Dao will be returned to the enclosure he shares with other Patas monkeys, Tsao said.

Nan Dao escaped three days ago when a zookeeper was cleaning his enclosure.

As the keeper tried to restrain a younger male monkey, who wandered into a work area, Nan Dao opened the unlocked cage door and disappeared into a nearby forest area, the zoo said.

Search teams were initially sent into the nearby mountains and traps and infrared cameras have since been installed around the monkey enclosure.

Zoo staff had an opportunity to catch Nan Dao the day after he escaped when the monkey was spotted in trees within the zoo, but he managed to hide from the search teams, Tsao said.

An additional three traps were then placed in the area and that was where Nan Dao was found Thursday morning, Tsao said.

The incident on Monday marked the third time in recent months an animal has escaped from Taipei Zoo.

In September last year, an anteater at the zoo scaled the fence around its enclosure and disappeared for almost three months. It was found in December by a hiker in New Taipei's Shenkeng District, about 3-4 kilometers from the zoo.

Meanwhile, an endangered leopard cat that disappeared from the zoo last November was captured in a trap near the otter exhibit 17 days later.

Zookeepers will receive more training to avoid similar incidents occurring in the future, Tsao said

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel