Taipei Zoo thanks police for escorting giraffe to Leofoo Village

Taipei--The Taipei Zoo on Wednesday thanked police for escorting a giraffe to Hsinchu County to be put to stud.

The two-year-old giraffe was coaxed into its travel crate in the early hours and loaded on to a vehicle. Once the animal had calmed down, the transportation vehicle departed the zoo with a police escort, arriving at Leofoo Village Theme Park, more than 60 kilometers away.

The giraffe, named Hsiaochang (??), was born on May 13, 2015. To maintain the genetic diversity of its animals, the zoo previously sent one giraffe to the Wanpi World Safari Zoo in Tainan for mating in 2008 and again in 2013.

Transporting the 3-meter tall, 315-kilogram Hsiaochang to Leofoo Village was no small matter for the zoo, and the preparation work began six months earlier.

His keeper said giraffes are by nature suspicious and highly sensitive animals. To make Hsiaochang willingly move into the travel crate, he was fed vitamins and other nutrients to boost his immune system since December and the travel crate was placed in his enclosure in April, with his favorite leaves hanging there to induce him to enter.

The zoo said that the gestation period for giraffes is up to 380 days, with one foal born at a time.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel