Taipower warns of power shortage as hot weather continues

The Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) says that Taiwan could face a power shortage. The warning came Wednesday, as high temperatures continued across the island.

Taipower earlier estimated that power use in Taiwan could hit 32.7 million kilowatt-hours Wednesday. The company said this would leave only 1.62% reserve capacity and would bring Taiwan close to the need for power cuts and rationing.

Problems with a generator at Taipower's Talin Power Plant in Kaohsiung Wednesday morning further hurt the company's ability to generate power. Taipower has begun negotiating with big power users in order to limit consumption. Taipower has also asked independent power producers to increase their output.

The government says that despite the shortage, there are no plans to scrap the decommissioning of the Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant. The administration of President Tsai Ing-wen has promoted green energy and made a goal of taking all of Taiwan's nuclear reactors offline by 2025.

Source: Radio Taiwan International