Taiwan and Japan sign agreements language exchange, food safety

Taiwan and Japan have signed memorandums to increase language education exchanges and exchanges on food safety. That was at the conclusion of the 41st round of bilateral trade talks on in Taipei Wednesday.

The two sides plan to exchange Japanese and Chinese language teachers country to upgrade teaching methods and share experience on electronic teaching tools.

After the talks, Association of East Asian Relations Deputy Secretary General Tsai Wei-kan spoke about Taiwan's restrictions on Japanese food imports. These include a total ban on imports of food from five prefectures affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Tsai said that Japan hopes the bans will be lifted. But Tsai explained that many people in Taiwan still have biases on this issue. Tsai said there has been no new decision on the issue and that the legislature is working on a resolution.

Taiwan would like to sign an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Japan. Japan says it is willing to build comprehensive trade and investment ties with Taiwan. However, Tsai said that there is still much work to before the two sides will be ready to sign an agreement.

Source: Radio Taiwan International