Taiwan begins nationwide forums on culture

The culture ministry is encouraging people to get involved in an upcoming series of cultural forums.

The forums are an opportunity for people from all sectors to contribute their ideas on building up Taiwan's culture sector and cultural influence. Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun said there will be 12 sessions held throughout Taiwan.

"As Taiwan faces the 21st century, we can't just focus on the economy. We also need to focus on culture. Through building up our culture, we can fulfill our spiritual lives and increase our soft power. It can bring progress to our nation. We can move up economically, and Taiwan can join with the world through culture. I have a dream, and that's for Taiwan to be the world's beautiful island, " said Cheng.

After the island-wide forums are over, the culture ministry will put out a white paper with suggestions to strengthen Taiwan's cultural sector.

Source: Radio Taiwan International