Taiwan businesspeople in Philippines support ‘new southbound policy’

Taiwanese businesspeople based in the Philippines said Sunday they support Taiwan government’s “new southbound policy,” which is aimed at improving trade and investment ties with Southeast and South Asian countries.

“Though we are a civilian group, we will give our full support to the government’s ‘new southbound policy,'” said Allan Lin, president of Taiwan Association Inc. Philippines, which groups different trade associations.

Taiwan’s small- and medium-sized enterprises have noticed that the Philippine economy has been growing rapidly and have organized many visits to the Philippine to explore trade opportunities under the Taiwan government’s “new Southbound policy,” Lin said at at a gathering of businesspeople, overseas Chinese community leaders, Taiwanese officials and servicemen based in the Philippines.

“Our association has been giving them all assistance, sharing with them our experience in doing business with Filipinos,” he added at the gathering, which was held to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival that falls on Sept. 15 this year.

Chang Tai-lai, Taiwan’s deputy representative to the Philippines, called on the participants to heed their own safety as the country was in a state of emergency following a recent spate of bomb attacks in its southern cities.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council