Taiwan children’s choir wins medal in Hungarian festival

President Tsai Ing-wen extended her congratulations to the Puzangalan Children's Choir from Pingtung County Sunday for winning a silver medal at the Cantemus International Choir Festival in Hungary.

The Chinese government recently canceled an invitation to the choir to attend a music festival in Guangzhou, China, after it sang the Republic of China national anthem at Tsai's May 20 inauguration ceremony.

Tsai donated NT$500,000 (US$15,814) from her book royalties to help sponsor the indigenous children's choir after learning it was lacking funds to make the East European tour.

On Aug. 13, the choir performed at a Budapest home for the elderly, where their heavenly voices touched the old people.

The performance at the home was followed by a flash-mob showing at St. Stephen's Basilica and the Heroes' Square in the capital city.

The 34-member choir then staged a performance in Szerencs City, before proceeding to Nyiregyhaza City to attend the Cantemus festival.

Tsai thanked the choir members on her Facebook page for bringing Taiwan's beautiful voices to the world. Winning a medal and praise from the audiences in Hungary is "an honor for the choir, and makes it a pride of Taiwan," said the president.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council