Taiwan condemns North Korea’s ICBM test

The Presidential Office has condemned North Korea's test-firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Tuesday. Presidential Office spokesperson Sidney Lin said Pyongyang's move sabotages regional peace and stability.

Lin said Taiwan is in close contact with its partners regarding the matter.

"Taiwan attaches great importance to regional peace and stability. We play a responsible role in the region. Relevant departments are aware of the details of the test," Lin said. "Our goal remains to maintain peace and stability in East Asia. We will keep close communication with neighboring countries to maintain that goal."

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry says any communication between the United States and China should not harm the interests of Taiwan. That's the word from foreign ministry spokesperson Eleanor Wang on Tuesday.

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, recently held a phone call with his American counterpart, Donald Trump. Wang said her office is aware of the interaction and has stated the government's stance to the US.

"With regard to the phone call between the US and China, Taiwan maintains good contact with the US," Wang said. "We continue to state clearly to the US that any exchange between the US and China should not harm the interests of Taiwan. The US is very clear about our fundamental views."

Wang said Taiwan and the US maintain good communication and can exchange views regarding any matter concerning both sides at any time.

According to the White House, the phone call between Trump and Xi concerned the North Korea issue and trade. The White House said there was no mention of Taiwan in the conversation. That's despite Beijing's public objection to last week's announcement of a new arms sale to Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International