Taiwan Excellence Captures Attention with Cutting-Edge Technology

Taiwan Excellence epitomizes the best products Taiwan has to offer and will be making a grand entrance in Penang during the Taiwan Expo 2019, held in Penang for the first time. The two-day expo on the 5th and 6thof July have showcase products from more than 20 brands in the field of medical technology, Industry 4.0 and smart retail amongst others.

As a trusted mark of excellence, it is only natural that Taiwan Excellence Pavilion serves as a platform to bring together some of the best technologies on offer.

The Healthcare Technology Zone showcases interesting healthcare technologies include the Surglasses by Taiwan Orth. Biotech, and personal health management solution by Oenix Biomed, EleClean Disinfectant Spray, etc. The Smart Retail Zone showcases LWO Technology's smart self-checkout chiller, display solutions by Champ Vision Display and more. As for industrial development, Malaysia has been pushing for greater automation in its automobile parts industry and other manufacturing which greatly increases the need for Industry 4.0 solutions and Taiwan Excellence will be showcasing solutions from Taiwan leading brands such as Advantech management solution and HiWin's robotic arm.