Taiwan eyes cooperation with Germany on five innovative industries

At the Green+ Together 2016 Taiwan Sustainability Summit held today in Taipei and attended by government and business leaders from Taiwan and Germany, Premier Lin Chuan expressed hope that the two countries can cooperate in promoting Taiwan's five innovative industries plan.

To take Taiwan's economy to the next level, the government is pursuing a new model of sustainable development based on the core policies of innovation, employment and equitable distribution, the premier said. The administration has also selected intelligent machinery, an Asian Silicon Valley, green energy technology, biomedicine and national defense as the five innovative industries that will drive the next generation of businesses in Taiwan.

With the nation's advantages in manufacturing hardware and machinery for information and communications technology, the government will focus on intelligent machinery and the Asian Silicon Valley as key sectors for promoting Industry 4.0 in Taiwan, Lin said. Industry 4.0 is a concept that boosts manufacturing capability by integrating the internet with industrial and machinery systems while linking traditional manufacturing closer to the services industry.

On intelligent machinery, the Executive Yuan approved a program on July 21 to introduce smart technologies that will utilize Taiwan's achievements in precision machinery and information technology. The government will also create a new machinery industry ecosystem in Taiwan using three strategies�link local industries together, link with global businesses, and forge links to the future, the premier said.

Regarding the Asian Silicon Valley project, Premier Lin said the government is working on concrete measures to develop the internet of things and digital technologies. Through open-data government initiatives and relaxed business regulations, the administration hopes that the Asian Silicon Valley project will help young people grow their businesses and connect internationally.

Finally, the premier said he hoped Taiwan-German cooperation will help upgrade Taiwan's future industries and create a circular, green and sustainable economy.

Source: Executive Yuan