Taiwan, Massachusetts sign revised reciprocal driver’s license accord

New York-Taiwan and the U.S. state of Massachusetts on Wednesday signed a revised reciprocal driver's license recognition agreement, expanding the number of registries where Taiwan nationals can apply for a local license without taking a written or road test.

Under the original agreement signed in March 2016, Taiwan citizens 18 years of age or older with legal residence in Massachusetts and with a visa for at least a year-long stay in the U.S. are allowed to get a local license without taking a written and road test by presenting their small automobile or heavy-duty motorcycle license and related documents to the Massachusetts authorities.

However, at the time, Taiwan nationals had to go to the Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles in Boston to get their local licenses this way.

The revised agreement, which will go into effect Jan. 16, expands that number to all 27 registries throughout the state.

Nonetheless, Massachusetts does not allow individuals to possess two driver's licenses at the same time, so once a Taiwan national has secured a local license, they have to temporarily deposit their Taiwan driver's license at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston while they remain in the U.S.

Similarly, people from Massachusetts who are permitted to reside in Taiwan for at least a year will be able to present their driver's license or motorcycle license to apply for an equivalent Taiwan license without taking the test.

Since Taiwan and Massachusetts first signed the agreement, 1,037 Taiwanese nationals have benefited from the program.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel