Taiwan must promote textile industry via economic integration: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan must use regional economic integration as a means for expanding its textile industry on the global stage. She was speaking on Monday, at the opening ceremony of the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS), an annual trade show for Taiwan's textile industry.

Tsai said the textile industry was a driving force in Taiwan's economic surge in the 1990's. She said the industry made a successful transition by beefing up its R&D and marketing at a time when production was challenged by lower-cost options abroad.

[Taiwan's textile industry] has produced breathable, antibacterial, and sweat-absorbing cloth from recycled plastic bottles, thereby redefining the value of cloth. We managed to transform a sunset industry into one that is driven by innovation. The textile industry has set a good example for many traditional industries with its innovative spirit," said Tsai.

Tsai said the government will continue its bid to join regional economic trade pacts and establish free trade agreements with other nations in order to help promote the textile industry on the global stage. The president said it is also important for the industry to establish its own brands.

Source: Radio Taiwan International