Taiwan not against talks between China and the Vatican: official

Taiwan does not oppose China and the Vatican holding talks. That's the word from Presidential Office spokesperson Alex Huang on Monday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, negotiators for Beijing and the Holy See have reached a compromise on who selects Catholic bishops in China.

In an article published Saturday, the newspaper said the compromise has marked a major step toward ending six decades of estrangement.

In response to the report, Huang said ties between Taiwan and the Vatican have remained stable and that the two sides have shared values such as democracy, human rights and freedom of religion.

Huang also said diplomacy is not a zero-sum game and that Taiwan's priority is maintaining stable and long-standing ties with the Vatican.

The Vatican is Taiwan's only official, diplomatic ally in Europe. That's because China views Taiwan as part of Chinese territory and forbids its own allies from recognizing Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International