Taiwan ranked 7th in Asia for tourism competitiveness

Taiwan has been ranked 7th in travel and tourism competitiveness in Asia. That's according to a report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Thursday.

In the biennial survey of 136 countries, Taiwan, however, was placed 30th, only two notches higher than last time. The indices chosen by the WEF include tourist service, infrastructure, natural resources, international openness, and safety and security.

The report found that European countries still took the lead in the survey. Spain was first, followed by France and Germany. That's despite the spate of high-profile terror attacks that have shaken European nations in recent years.

With the rise of Asian economies, the report said the era of Asia's tourism industry has arrived, though with a market scale still smaller than that of Europe.

Japan outperformed its Asian neighbors by occupying the 4th spot. Of the Four Asian Tigers, Taiwan trails behind Hong Kong in 11th, Singapore in 13th and South Korea in 19th. China was ranked 15th in the report.

Source: Radio Taiwan International