Taiwan rebuts Chinese allegations of espionage as fake news

Taipei, The Presidential Office hit back Monday at Beijing over Chinese media accusations that Taiwanese intelligence agents have been recruiting Chinese students studying in Taiwan to spy for China, saying the reports are misinformation aimed at undermining relations across the Taiwan Strait.

China's state television broadcaster CCTV, along with other media outlets, have carried reports since Sept. 15 about what they claim to be Taiwanese espionage operations against China, including cases involving three officials with the Military Intelligence Bureau under the Ministry of National Defense.

Following the rebuttals by the ministry and the Mainland Affairs Council Sunday, Presidential Office spokesman Alex Huang (???) said that China's intent in fabricating the news was aimed at dampening the chances of normal development of cross-strait relations.

Instead of using misinformation to manipulate public opinion, Huang said, China should place its faith in youth exchange programs between Taiwan and China and should extend its support for other forms of exchanges without preconditions to enable the two sides to enhance their understanding of each other.

Only by doing so can both Taiwan and China be responsible stakeholders in the international community and make contributions to regional security and interests, Huang said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel