Taiwan regrets China’s protest against Nicaragua at ILC

Taiwan says it regrets China's protest against Nicaragua for speaking out on behalf of Taiwan at this year's International Labor Conference (ILC) in Geneva on June 14.

According to media reports, Nicaragua's representative to the conference called on the International Labor Organization, which runs the conference, and member countries to attach importance to the rights of Taiwanese workers.

Then, in a subsequent speech, a Chinese representative lodged a protest against Nicaragua, saying that the country was in violation of the "one-China" principle. The representative called on all member countries to "stop infringing on China's sovereignty."

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Sunday thanking Nicaragua for speaking out for the rights Taiwanese workers.

Taiwan's foreign ministry also expressed regret over China's use of its "one-China" principle to suppress other countries' right to speak out for Taiwanese workers. The ministry reiterated that the Republic of China (Taiwan) is the only government that represents the 23 million people of Taiwan, an undeniable fact in the international community.

Source: Radio Taiwan International