Taiwan thanked for partnership in anti-IS coalition

The US Department of State has thanked Taiwan for its participation in the US-led Global Coalition to Counter ISIS. The coalition was formed in 2014 and had its first meeting under the Trump administration on Wednesday.

On Thursday, state department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said the US was grateful for Taiwan's pledge of humanitarian aid. He said the US is grateful for the contributions of all members of the coalition, whether large or small, and whatever role they play.

Taiwan's representative to the United States, Stanley Kao, attended the meeting at the Department of State headquarters in Foggy Bottom on Wednesday. He and the other 67 representatives of the coalition took a group photo with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

At the meeting, Tillerson said that hard-fought military victories over IS in Iraq and Syria have swung momentum in the coalition's favor. But he said the fight is not over and the extremist group remains an active and violent foe.

Source: Radio Taiwan International