Taiwan to boost scholarship opportunities for SE Asian students

Taiwan will significantly increase scholarship opportunities to attract students from Southeast Asia and India as part of the government's "New Southbound Policy," the Ministry of Education announced Thursday.

Starting in 2017, the Taiwan Scholarship program will offer 182 openings for students from Southeast Asia and India per year, up from 97 at present, Deputy Minister of Education Chen Liang-gee told a news conference.

Each student will be awarded NT$400,000 per year under the program.

In addition, the scholarship openings for economically disadvantaged ethnic Chinese students from Southeast Asia will be increased by 700 per year, with each student to be awarded NT$36,000 per year, Chen said.

He said the government will also encourage domestic universities to launch training programs with internship opportunities for foreign students, in the hope of drawing more students from Southeast Asia, he said.

It is the government's goal to raise the number of Southeast Asian students who study or receive training in Taiwan by 20 percent per year, up from 28,000 at present to 58,000 by 2019, he said.

Other steps to be taken by the government to promote its "New Southbound Policy" also include helping children of new immigrants from Southeast Asia to trace their roots and gain work experience overseas, encouraging young people to engage in volunteer services overseas, and providing subsidies for students and faculty of domestic universities and colleagues to do research overseas, according to Chen.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council