Taiwan to spend NT$1.6 billion upgrading cycling environment

Taipei-The Executive Yuan on Thursday approved a NT$1.6 billion (US$52 million) budget to upgrade bike lanes, facilities and services across the country, while also better integrating them with local tourism resources to boost travel.

The budget will be earmarked for 2020-2023 and seek to make Taiwan's cycling environment safer and more user friendly, including renewal of bike lanes and installation of higher fences on sections of roads with sharp turns, according to the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) Director-General Chen Yen-po (???).

With the transport ministry's campaign to make 2021 the year of cycling tourism, Taiwan's cycling network and national scenic spots will also be further integrated, Chen said.

The DGH will connect the existing 2,690km network that is made up of the 866.3km round-the-island Route No. 1 and 25 branch lines, as well as smaller local bike trails and other transportation networks, showcasing 16 new in-depth routes.

The new routes will cross national scenic areas -- including the north coast, east rift valley and Dapeng Bay -- and local tourist attractions, according to the DGH.

For example, one of the routes starts at Keelung Train Station and travels through Yehliu Geopark, Tamsui District and the historic Dadaocheng area before it ends at Songshan Train Station in downtown Taipei.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel