Taiwan train broadcasts to include S.E. Asian languages

Taipei-- The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) said it is ready to add Southeast Asian languages to its foreign language broadcasts at railway stations across Taiwan beginning in April.

Besides Mandarin Chinese, Hokkienese, Hakka and English, platform announcements will soon include Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai languages, TRA said.

A trial run will begin next month in nine railway stations in Taiwan, which include Taipei, Banciao in New Taipei, Taoyuan, Chungli, Taichung, Changhwa, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung.

The inclusion of these languages was made possible by Kuomintang lawmaker Lin Li-chan, an ethnic Chinese from Cambodia who had invited new immigrants from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand to record their announcements for the TRA.

Lin said the addition of Southeast Asian-language broadcasts was meant to facilitate the travel of foreign visitors from Southeast Asian countries and those currently working in Taiwan.

According to the TRA, the new announcements will be broadcast at railway platforms 10 minutes prior to a train's departure. Each announcement in seven languages lasts about two minutes.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council