Taiwan travelers favor spontaneous trips: survey

Many Taiwanese travelers favor spontaneous overseas trips, with the percentage of "last-minute" travelers in the country exceeding the average in the Asia-Pacific region, a survey conducted by travel search engine Skyscanner has found.

Among the results of its first survey on traveler's habits in the region released Tuesday, Skyscanner found that 35 percent of Taiwanese respondents described themselves as "spontaneous" travelers who preferred to book overseas trips at the last minute, higher than the 20 percent averaged in the region.

Skyscanner said the results of its "Travel Content Consumption Habit Survey" showed that Taiwanese travelers' tend to break up a routine at any time and appear to be very flexible.

The survey also found that 23 percent of Taiwanese respondents were "planner"-type travelers who like to have a comprehensive plan before taking action, while 18 percent of them described themselves as "bargain hunters" when planning travel.

According to Skyscanner, 36 percent of Taiwanese respondents said they tended to choose trips that allowed them to experience the life and culture of the destination, while 22 percent said their main focus was the destination's cuisine.

Another 16 percent said they traveled overseas to go on an adventure and get closer to the nature, the survey found.

Skyscanner said 30 percent of the respondents in Taiwan planned their overseas travel based on information from professional travel reports, while 27 percent said they were inspired by photos of the destinations.

In the Asia-Pacific region, 22 percent of the 9,000 respondents described themselves as planner-type travelers, 21 percent saw themselves as bargain hunters, and 20 percent described themselves as spontaneous travelers, Skyscanner said.

The survey was conducted during the March-April period by collecting valid questionnaires from respondents in Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and South Korea.

According to the survey, 35 percent of the 9,000 respondents in the region said they travel overseas to experience the life and culture of the destination, while 29 percent said they were looking for adventure and hoping to get closer to nature.

Only 10 percent said their travel plans were largely influenced by a destination's cuisine, 12 percentage points lower than the figure among Taiwanese travelers.

Skyscanner said 60 percent of Taiwanese respondents used mobile devices to plan their trip, higher than the 54 percent averaged in the region, while 40 percent of Taiwanese respondents said they used desktop or laptop computers to plan their trips, compared with 46 percent in the region.

The travel search engine said the results showed Taiwanese travelers depended heavily on mobile devices for their trips.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel