Taiwan, Vatican ‘alliance of love, core values’

Republic of China Vice President Chen Chien-jen (???) said Sunday that his government will continue to strengthen its rapport with the Holy See, describing the relationship between the two countries as "an alliance of love and core values."

The Holy See is an important ally that has maintained diplomatic ties with the ROC for 74 years, and both countries are committed to freedom of religion, compassion and kindness and emphasize the importance of democracy, freedom, human rights and humanitarianism, Chen said during a dinner with Taiwanese clergy and expatriates in Rome.

In the future, the ROC will continue to cooperate with the Vatican to promote the universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights and altruism around the world and deepen their partnership on humanitarian and charitable efforts, he said.

The vice president, who had attended the canonization ceremony of Mother Teresa earlier that day, said Mother Teresa had a deep and strong connection with Taiwan during her lifetime.

For example, he said, Mother Teresa sent nuns from her Missionaries of Charity to set up a nursing home for the elderly in Tainan in 1984 and visited Taiwan the following year, when she was received by then President Chiang Ching-kuo (???).

He later told reporters that he is a fan of Mother Teresa because she respected every individual and cared about everyone's physical and spiritual life and that the government needs also to work in that direction.

He said the government's top priority is to provide welfare to the impoverished and disadvantaged people, and this has been reflected in the policies of the Tsai Ing-wen (???) administration.

On efforts being promoted by the government to reform Taiwan's deficit-ridden retirement pension system, Chen said the reform is not targeted at any specific category of workers but is aimed at ensuring that people can live in dignity and have their basic needs satisfied after their retirement.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel