Taiwan will not deploy IDF jets to Penghu year-round: Air Force

Taipei-The idea of deploying a fleet of Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) jets in the offshore county of Penghu throughout the year is purely speculative and unrealistic, Taiwan's Air Force said Saturday.

In a statement, the Air Force reiterated that Taiwan's military has everything under control and is not intimidated by China's recent unilateral action to open new commercial flight routes in the Taiwan Strait.

Earlier in the day, the Liberty Times reported that the military was considering stationing IDF jets in Penghu, a Taiwan-controlled archipelago in the Taiwan Strait, all year round as opposed to only in summer.

The change will be made for national defense purposes, the paper said.

However, the Air Force dismissed the report as speculative and said the idea was unrealistic.

The Air Force urged the public to remain calm, saying that the military will go all out to prevent any intrusions into Taiwan's airspace and will deter any aircraft from crossing the median line in the strait.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council