Taiwan wine brands shine in international competitions

Several types of wine produced by wineries operated by three farmers’ associations in central Taiwan have recently won gold and silver medals at three different international competitions in Europe, beating top wine producers in Europe, Japan and the United States, the Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) said Monday.

A brand of wine produced by Puli Distillery, which is operated by the Puli Farmers’ Association in Nantou County, won a gold medal at this year’s International Spirits Awards in Germany, while a variety of wine produced by Wufeng Farmers’ Association in Taichung City garnered a gold at the 2016 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium, according to the AFA.

In addition, two types of wine produced by the wineries operated by Hsinyi Farmers’ Association in Nantou County and one type produced by a brewery operated by Wufeng Farmers’ Association won four silver medals at international wine tasting competitions in France, Belgium and Germany, with one type of plum wine produced by Hsinyi Farmers’ Association winning two silver medals, the AFA said.

Since 2008 when alcoholic beverages produced by Taiwanese farmers’ associations began participating in international competitions, they have accrued 17 gold and 30 silver medals.

Currently, Taiwan has 12 certified wineries run by farmers’ associations around the island, according to the AFA.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council