Taiwan wins 5 medals, including 1 gold, at 2021 Edison Awards

Taipei- Taiwan has won five medals -- one gold, one silver and three bronze -- at the 2021 Edison Awards, which honor the world's most innovative new products, services and business leaders.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), partnered with Yahoo Taiwan, HCT Logistics Co. and iAmech Technology Inc. for its AI-based high-density shuttle rack service system, was awarded the gold medal in the category of AI application.

According to the ITRI, the system, which targets traditional logistics operators, can provide smart automated vertical warehousing, as well as improved inventory management efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

ITRI President Edwin Liu (???) said this solution is especially suited to many local logistics operators, as space is often at a premium in Taiwan.

The smart shuttle rack system, Liu said, reduces the time taken to handle incoming and outgoing goods significantly by 60 percent, while also effectively increasing space utilization.

Chiou Chyou-Huey (???), director-general of the Department of Industrial Technology under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that unlike the United States, which has a huge amount of space available for logistical operations, Taiwan is more densely packed and therefore, the only storage solution is to go vertical.

According to Yahoo Taiwan and HCT Logistics, the automated rack service system is embedded with more than 40,000 sensors to perform AI algorithms so that storage and delivery decisions can be more streamlined.

Meanwhile, the ITRI also won the silver medal in the category of "primers, coatings and dyes" with its MetabColor, which is a technology that features a non-toxic, eco-friendly and renewable textile dye manufacturing process.

The technology was developed in collaboration with New Taipei-based Eclat Textile Co., which specializes in the development and design of sportswear materials and apparel.

The three bronzes were received in the categories of powergrid management, thermal conductivity and heat treatment, and visual insights and conversion tools.

The Edison Awards have been held since 1987 and are run by Edison Universe, an organization that is committed to inspiring educational institutions and supporting the business world.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel