Taiwanese archer wins silver in women’s recurve at archery world cup

Taipei-Taiwanese archer Tan Ya-ting (???) won a silver medal in an archery world cup final in Russia on Saturday, after losing 4-6 to her South Korean opponent in the women's recurve event.

Tan was defeated by Kang Chae Young, who completed the event 29-29, 25-28, 30-27, 30-29, and 28-28.

Each set consists of three arrows per archer, with the winner getting two points for the set, while it is one point each for a tie. The first person to six wins.

This year, the 26-year old Taiwanese has won three bronze medals in the women's individual recurve event at world cup archery events in Shanghai, Antalya in Turkey and Berlin.

Organized annually by the World Archery Federation, the 2019 World Cup consisted of five tournaments from April 22 to Sept. 7, held in five countries -- Columbia, China, Turkey, Germany and Russia.

The Archery World Cup in Russia, held at the Lukhniki Sport Centre in Moscow, ran from Sept. 6-7.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel