Taiwanese businessmen visit Kimen for investment opportunities

The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) has taken a group of China-based Taiwanese business leaders on a trip to the Taiwanese island of Kinmen. The goal is to enable them to learn more about investment opportunities on the outlying island, which is just off the shore of China.

The SEF is a semi-official Taiwanese organization that handles exchanges with China in the absence of official ties. The group said on Monday that it had taken about a dozen leading businesspeople to Kinmen. The delegation visited local government officials and the major ports, as well as shopping and business plazas.

One of the members of the delegation was the chairman of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland, Ke Chen-hen. Ke said there are many Taiwanese business leaders in China who would like to invest in Taiwan. He said they’ve shown interest in Kinmen, as well as in the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Park in Miaoli County.

The SEF said that Taiwanese businesspeople in China are an important pillar of Taiwan’s economy and a key bridge between the two. The organization hopes their investment in Kinmen can help further develop cross-strait ties.

Source: Radio Taiwan International