Taiwanese experts arrive in Wuhan to learn more about strange virus

Taipei-Two Taiwanese health experts have arrived in Wuhan to find out more about the mysterious pneumonia outbreak that has so far left one person dead and infected more than three dozen others, Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Monday.

They arrived in the central Chinese city late Sunday and are expected to stay there for two days, under the guidance of local health officials, CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-hsiang (???) said.

As of Jan. 12, a total of 41 cases were confirmed in Wuhan, with one fatality, while seven were considered serious, according to data compiled by China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Based on a report China sent to the World Health Organization, the source of infection is associated with animals sold at Huanan Seafood City, a market in Wuhan that has been temporarily shut down.

The WHO has designated the novel coronavirus as 2019-nCoV and has urged all countries to improve public awareness and adopt self-protection measures against the disease.

Chuang said the WHO's decision not to name the virus after Wuhan was probably made to prevent people from assuming that the disease can only occur in certain places, and he assured the public that Taiwan has so far been free of the mysterious disease.

According to the CDC, Taiwan has implemented stringent inspection measures for inbound flights from Wuhan since Dec. 31, following an outbreak of the disease in the city.

To date, more than 22 inbound flights and a total of 2,342 passengers have been screened, the CDC said.

It urged people planning to travel to Wuhan or nearby areas to avoid going to local poultry or raw meat markets and to inform health authorities if they develop flu-like symptoms, especially those returning from Wuhan within two weeks after arriving in Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel