Taiwanese group in US petitions to change China Airlines’ name

Washington A Taiwanese group in the United States recently launched a petition to change the name of Taiwan's main carrier from China Airlines to Taiwan Airlines, saying it will avoid confusion internationally.

The petition was launched Feb. 20 by the Taiwanese American Senior Society East Bay and Washington DC on the privately operated U.S. website Change.org.

"The Taiwan owned 'China Airlines' fell victim due to confusing commercial title," the petition states, referring to the restriction imposed by some countries on flights from China, where the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) originated and is raging.

The petition notes that the Philippines on Feb. 10 imposed a travel ban on Taiwan on the basis of the World Health Organization's listing of Taiwan as part of China's epidemic area, but the restriction was lifted four days later.

The group called on Taiwan President Tsai Ing Wen (???) to change the name of China Airlines to the more "identifiable" Taiwan Airlines, saying that approximately 100 countries impose strict immigration and entry controls of Chinese citizens to enter their borders.

Although a name change may touch on sensitive issues such as operations, revenues and aviation rights, it is well within the power of the Taiwan government and is a "doable and worthwhile" effort, the group said.

As of Sunday evening, the petition had gained 10,500 signatures.

Italy on Jan. 30 prohibited all flights to and from Taiwan, and a few days later Vietnam followed suit. Vietnam has since reversed its decision, following appeals by the Taiwan government.

Change.org, operated by a for profit American company by the same name, mobilizes support for social causes through online petitions. It has come under criticism for poor vetting of petitioners, some of whom have been accused of using fake names.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel