Taiwanese tourists attacked by hippo, injured in traffic accident

Taipei, A Taiwanese tourist group traveling in Kenya was hit by a double whammy when a hippo attack left one dead and one injured, and a traffic accident later injured 15 of its members, according to Taiwan's Tourism Bureau.

The hippo attack took place when the 30-person group, arranged by Crane Tour Travel Co. for the great animal migration in Kenya between Aug. 2-13, visited Lake Naivasha Aug. 11, a habitat for hippos and birds.

A 66-year-old man and a 62-year-old man were attacked by a hippo from the lake. The older man was killed, while the latter suffered a foot injury and rejoined the group later to take a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Bangkok Aug. 12.

However, that flight was canceled and the group was caught in a traffic accident, according to the bureau.

Fifteen Taiwanese tourists were injured and sent to a local hospital for emergency treatment, the bureau said.

Wu Chih-chien (???), chairman of the Taipei Association of Travel Agents, told CNA that two of the injured are undergoing surgery, while the rest have been discharged and will take a flight back to Taiwan, via Bangkok.

According to foreign wire services, the hippo attack brought the deaths to six of people who have been killed by hippos around Lake Naivasha so far this year.

Although they are mostly herbivorous, hippos pose great danger to humans if they feel their territories are being invaded.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel