Taiwan’s Cloud Gate dance troupe to launch new show ‘Waves’ in October

Taiwanese contemporary dance troupe Cloud Gate Dance Theater said on Friday it was planning to launch a new show, "Waves," in October in collaboration with Japanese new media artist Daito Manabe.

During a press conference held at the troupe's headquarters in New Taipei, Cloud Gate's Artistic Director Cheng Tsung-lung (???) said that he and Manabe were working to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in the making of the new work.

Under the theme of waves, Cheng said he and Manabe, who is known for his involvement in Tokyo's 2020 presentation at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics Games in Brazil, were trying to "bring body movements and AI technology together."

According to Cheng, Manabe has begun documenting dancers' breaths and muscle movements using recorders and electrical stimulators, respectively.

With that data, Manabe will then apply AI to create music and imagery that will then "interact" with dancers performing "Waves" on stage, he said.

In that sense, "Waves" will not be a work based solely on a choreographer's concept and design, but a collective work made by every one involved, he said. "Through this work, we will blur the boundaries of a creative process," he added.

At the same time, Cheng said he hoped that AI would also "intervene" in his choreographic process.

"We are still experimenting with this idea," Cheng said, adding that the use of AI -- the first time for the troupe -- was intended to explore various possibilities of dance movements.

While "Waves" is still being developed, it is scheduled to premiere in October in Taiwan, according to Cheng.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel