Taiwan’s US representative says US-Taiwan ties strong

Taiwanese representative to the US Stanley Kao says that US-Taiwan ties are strong. Kao was speaking on Wednesday at the Legislature about US-Taiwan relations during the past year.

“We have room to move forward such as expanding cooperation and exchanges in many fields. I’m very positive and optimistic. I hope that we will upgrade our relationship to a close partnership soon,” said Kao.

Kao also responded to questions about rumors that the US and China are going to sign a fourth communique.

“We haven’t heard of this. US-China relations are that of a superpower with an emerging superpower. This is what everyone is watching,” Kao said. “We are staying abreast of the latest developments through Taiwan’s interactions with the US and through interactions between US and China.”

Reporters asked if US arms sales to Taiwan would be affected by US-China ties. Kao said as soon as Trump’s personnel are in place, Taiwan will continue to move forward with arms sales as scheduled.

Kao also said the US State Department has said that Taiwan is a friend, not a bargaining chip. He said there is a good foundation for US-Taiwan ties so he is not worried that factors like North Korea will influence the relationship.

Source: Radio Taiwan International